Why Your Group Needs to Sign Up for Meet Our Goal Today

Are you part of a booster group, church group, or any other type of organization that needs to raise funds? Are you tired of the same old fundraising techniques, like selling candy bars or wrapping paper? Meet Our Goal is here to change the game!

At Meet Our Goal, we offer a fun and exciting way to raise funds through individual contests. Each person in your group will have their own game to promote, and will collect donations in the form of chances to win a drawing. The drawings are based on the individual contest and are in 4 levels based on the number of chances sold. The more chances that are sold, the higher the prize level!

Our three game options – Calendar, Tickets, and Waffles – offer a wide range of options for your group to choose from. Calendar sells the days of a month for their face value, Tickets is a standard raffle, and Waffle is similar to Tickets but has a timer. All three games are easy to set up and manage, and your group members will love the chance to win big!

Our Calendar game allows you to sell days of the month for their face value, with the first day priced at $1.00 and the last day priced at $31.00 (or that last day of the month chosen.) This is a fun and easy way to raise funds for your group while giving your donors a chance to win some exciting prizes.

Our Tickets game is a classic raffle with a twist. Each ticket costs $10.00, and the more tickets you purchase, the more chances you have in the drawing. This game is perfect for any type of fundraiser and is sure to get everyone excited about the prize possibilities.

Lastly, our Waffle game is a unique and exciting way to host a contest. With a timer set to count down the number of bites sold, the more bites sold of the waffle, the more chances to win in the drawing. This game is perfect for any type of event and will keep your donors engaged until the very end.

Plus, when you sign up to run a contest on Meet Our Goal, you’ll have access to your own dashboard to track donations. And with our no-refund policy, you can be sure that your group will receive the funds it needs to meet its goals.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Meet Our Goal today and start raising funds in a fun and exciting way!