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Welcome to the demonstration of the Calendar Game.

Our Calendar game allows you to sell days of the month for their face value, with the first day priced at $1.00 and the last day priced at $31.00 (or that last day of the month chosen.) This is a fun and easy way to raise funds for your group while giving your donors a chance to win some exciting prizes.

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We look forward to your support!

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The more days donated, the higher the winning level. This game is dependent upon the amount of days collected. The more total days donated, the higher the drawing level.

For every $10.00 worth of donations, you receive 1 chance in the drawing for this calendar. Donations to other calendars do not increase your chances.

Chances are tallied in increments of $10.00. Chances to are not rounded up.
If your total purchase is less than $10.00 you are not entered into the drawing for this calendar, but the days you purchase do help to raise the prize level.

Level 1 Drawing:
1 – 7 days sold – We’ll draw for the small surprise!
Level 2 Drawing:
8 – 14 days sold – We’ll draw for the medium surprise!
Level 3 Drawing:
15 – 21 days sold – We’ll draw for the large surprise!
Level 4 Drawing:
22 – all days sold – We’ll draw for the mega surprise!